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Rhona and Simon Photos 2009

Rhona and Simon flying Gulf Air

Rhona and Simon dining on the beach in the Philippines

Rhona and Simon Philippines

Feel free to carry on Browsing Rhona and Simon's photos from 2009 below.  We hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we had whilst taking them.  Best regards, Rhona and Simon.











Rhona and Simon Photos 2009

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Rhona and Simon finished off 2008 and started 2009 with their fabulous New Year Party at The New Guilderoy Hotel.

See more New Year Party photos at Rhona and Simon's New Guilderoy Website http://www.new-guilderoy-hotel-blackpool.co.uk/blackpool-hotels-New-Year-2008.htm

Here's Bruno.... with Simon of course

Simon and Bruno Simon and Bruno Simon and Bruno

Rhona and Simon then hosted Alfred and Claribel's daughter Avery Cailin Gonzales at our New Guilderoy Hotel

New Guilderoy Hotel New Guilderoy Hotel New Guilderoy Hotel

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Rhona's friend Anthony De La Cruz turned up for the party and stayed for a few days. 

Anthony and Rhona

Anthony Anthony Anthony


Anthony, Rhona and Bruno Anthony, Rhona and Bruno Anthony, Rhona and Bruno

He also travelled with us to Linda's in Oxfordshire where we visited the North Star Pub.

He then had to take the train to London...

..because Rhona and Simon had so much luggage for the Philippines to fit in Linda's car

Here's some more photos of the Holiday in at Heathrow

We then bought a travel pass for zones 1-6 and hopped into London city centre to meet up with Anthony

We then flew Gulf Air from Heathrow to Manila via Bahrain.  We used frequent flyer airmiles to upgrade to First Class from London and we were automatically upgraded to First Class from Bahrain to Manila.


London to Bahrain (GF002) - First Class - Airbus A330 (we needed 18,000 Frequent Flyer points and we still have 96,000 left - Thanks Gulf Air)

...and then Bahrain to Manila (GF154) - First Class - Airbus A340 (all business class passengers were upgraded to First Class because only economy was full)

Destination Philippines.....

Quick overnight trip to Puerto Galera Rhona, Simon, Lani and Jon

Dinner and drinks!!! (we don't recommend the pizza!)


Marti from Marti's Bar with a lady of the night!!!

Meet Sexy Girls

Brenna and Daddy's Birthday Party!

Up at 4:00AM to drive to Bulinao (past Aliminos - One hundred Islands)

Lunch at Ate G's (San Miguel Lite and fresh Bangus 'millk fish' from Pangasinan)

Rhona and Simon stayed at Puera del Punta near Bulinao

Just P3,000 per night for the best sea view room (That's currently 45 'even with the weak pound' per night including breakfast for 2!!)

View from our room!

Family came to visit to let us know they were driving to Bagiou

So off to the beach bar for Rhona and Simon

Fresh Fish (Bangus), rice and beer for two for less than a tenner!!! (10)

Rhona and Simon hit the river!!!

then the beach!!!

Then the pool!!!

Then time to eat again!!!

The next day we left for One Hundred Islands stopping off for breakfast at The Treasures of Banafie Beach Resort



Guess who?

A quick photo stop at Ati G's

Late Lunch in view of One Hundred Islands

In search of a boat for a tour of The One Hundred Islands (P1,000 for the boat, approx. 15)








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